A year in review: Evaluating TinyBrains progress

The TinyBrains project passed its second review meeting on February 21st. The Project Officer and the two appointed expert reviewers assessed and evaluated the efforts and achievements that the team has made during the past year and a half.

Each work package leader presented a summary of the completed milestones and goals, listing the achievements highlighting their relevance, and giving details on how they were accomplished. Following the presentations, reviewers evaluated successfully the overall progress of the project and provided feedback on the contribution of the work packages.

The project is currently in the stage where patients are being recruited for measurements, and clinical studies will start soon. The preliminary analysis of the results of animal models is already available. Until now, the data acquired shows that the TinyBrains platform can detect the effects of the patient’s management before and during surgery, and can assess the brain electrophysiology and hemodynamics.