The TinyBrains team meets in Amiens

As the TinyBrains project enters its third year, the team gathered for the first 2023 General Assembly in Amiens, in northern France. Fabrice Wallois, doctor and professor at the University of Amiens – Picardie welcomed everyone to the city.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to summarising the progress made in each of the work packages and discussing the technical aspects. Project coordinator Turgut Durduran started the presentation by summarizing the advances of these two years, which have resulted in a prototype of the device. Postdoc researcher at ICFO Melih Can presented the developed hardware modules and the control unit for the synchronization of the three technologies that TinyBrains uses – DCS, fNIRS and EEG. So far, the TinyBrains platform can measure six parameters: the blood flow index, the cerebral tissue oxygenation, the electrophysiology, the cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen, the neurovascular coupling and the auto-regulation.