Financial and administrative management of the project, coordination of the consortium and planning of the schedule and timings.

    To develop and construct a set of hardware and software modules for the integration of fNIRS, DCS and EEG in a device with an appropriate head-cap, and  todevelop the TinyBrains platform integrating all the modules into a unique device to provide for high-density.

    Test and validation of the TinyBrains platform, providing protocols and phantom-kits for exploitation.

    To carry out research with TinyBrains in a paediatric animal model.

    To validate and carry out studies with the system in healthy infants and in infants with severe CHD, and test its performance during the period prior to cardiac surgery and correlate changes in brain oxygen delivery.

    To interpret and analyse the TinyBrains signals by analysing the function/dysfunction of the neurovascular unit (NVU), brain auto-regulation and vascular and neuronal networks, to assess the complex relationship of these measurands to the extent of neuronal injury and its causes.

    To disseminate and communicate the project results to the networks of the patient organizations,  general public and stakeholders, through conferences, scientific manuscripts and specific communication actions.

    To exploit the project results through the protection of intellectual property and through further application of the technology for further research even in other patient populations.